A Picture A Week

A picture a week for 52 weeks.  This is in no way a new idea or an idea unique to me.  However, I have been mulling it over for quite some time.  It always seemed like a great idea, but never quite made it on my to do list.  Maybe someday.  Maybe next week.  Maybe when I am a bit less busy.  Maybe when I have a bit more time.  (Note:  On my about me page I mentioned that I would no longer be using this phrase...oops!)  So here is the thing.  I am TERRIBLE at taking pictures of my own children.  Yes, I totally take the quick pics when we are out and about on my phone.  I am fantastic at sending these out to family for a quick in the moment update.  But, these are not usually exactly what I want up on my wall or in the family photo book.  I know this might be surprising, but I love photography and I love having beautiful images on the walls of my home.  I appreciate them daily and they bring me great joy.   I am not less busy and I still have the same amount of time as every other week.  So here I go anyway.  A picture a week for the year of 2016.