Badass Women

"I am not lucky.   You know What I am?  I am smart, I am talented, I take advantage of opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard.  Don't call me lucky.  Call me a badass."

Shonda Rhimes



I was lucky enough to be in the same ECFE class with Megan when we moved to St. Paul.  Megan has the athletic chic look down,  although for her it isn't just a look it is her lifestyle.  You can find Megan at Timberwolf CrossFit at the 5:30 AM work out most days of the week.  She referred to it as a bit obsessed I would just call it dedicated or driven.  Megan stands out for me because of her warm smile, calm parenting style, and her serious muscles of course.  


NEIGHBORHOOD: West Side, Cherokee Heights Neighborhood, a hidden treasure in St. Paul!

ROLES IN LIFE: stay at home mom, wife, yoga instructor, former secondary school teacher

FAVORITE NEIGHBORHOOD GO TO: Morelos Mexican Restaurant

FAVORITE QUOTE OR PHRASE? "Keep it Simple", "I'm strong, I'm brave.  I'm beautiful!"  A mantra I made up for my daughter and now my son. 

What does balance mean to you?  Look like for you?

I know what balance feels like for feels peaceful, easy, and satisfying. Balance for me is being "on the beam" and feeling a sense of gracefulness as I move through my life. It's really fun when I find myself there. It takes A LOT of work!

Time to brag… What do you kick butt at?

I'm really good at the moving basketball hoop game found at Chuck E. Cheese. I can do walking lunges and air squats pretty fast. I'm good with keeping commitments and showing up. 

In motherhood and the many roles you have in life how do you make space for yourself and your passions/interests?

There are a few ways I make space...

1) I wake up early before my husband and kids are up and go to my home away from home, Timberwolf Crossfit, to workout with my amazing friends. It's the perfect way to start my day! 

2) My husband, Noah, gives me the freedom to take time for me with no questions asked. When I leave my home and family to recharge, I can be found at Happy Nails getting a mani/pedi, grabbing a coffee at Quixotic, or doing some kind of shopping sans children. Queue "Treat. Yo. Self." scene from the television show "Parks and Recreation" with Aziz Ansari.

3) I am 11 years sober and I continue to take time to do the "work" that keeps me sober. This includes a Tuesday evening commitment with other friends in recovery where I show up, reflect, check-in, and ground myself. 

4) I take time to connect with the bad ass women in my life, they inspire me. I am so lucky to have amazing friends from my journey in recovery, ECFE classes, and my gym.

What challenges you?

Parenting and being a Mom. It's so tough! Everyday I find new challenges as my kids develop and grow. They keep me on my toes and keep me trying to better myself (become more patient, not take myself too seriously, find gratitude, and stay in the present moment are things I'm always working on). 


What would you like your children to learn from you?

How to be kind. How to be reflective and think about highs and lows each day, then try to keep what's good and change what's not so good. How to swing a golf club and the rules of the game. How to write "thank you" notes.

What does a great day look like for you?

In no particular order:  a tough workout, great coffee, my husband, my kids, time outdoors in the sunshine, a nap, and family dinner at my sister's house. 


I don’t have the wording down for this exactly…

What do you make space for on a regular basis?  As in what do you do on a day to day or weekly basis that helps everything else run smoothly or fills your cup etci.e. If I meditate 5 minutes in the am my whole day runs more smoothly

Working out is my fuel, specifically Crossfit, Yoga, and Running. I have the pleasure of leading a weekly Yoga class at my gym where I find great joy, fun, and connection. I try to pray (sometimes meditate) everyday and take time to strengthen my spiritual connection. Finally, COFFEE!

Anything else you wish I had asked?

What's your jam right now?

La Croix, Brene Brown, & making playlists on Spotify