FAQ - Girls Are Powerful

What exactly is this event?

This a way to honor all of the beautiful women in our community.  I want to surround my daughter with images of real women and show her that this is what to aspire to be like, not the over done stylized images that are everywhere.  All ages, sizes, and stages of life.  I wanted to offer portraits in partnership with an organization that is doing good work to support girls and women in the community.  When I spoke with Shawntan to learn more about Girls are Powerful I was truly inspired by their work.

What all will be offered?

We will be doing mini portrait sessions.  Learn more about the messages and work of Girls Are Powerful.   A community art project to inspire and spread the wisdom of those in our community.  Of course a light snack, because how can you have a party without one!  Prizes and blast some girl powered music.

What age is the girls portion appropriate for?

The Girls Are Powerful organization's programming is directed at 8-13 year old girls.  Our event is open to all ages and siblings, but has been designed fro 5-10 year olds.  

Where can I register?

You can register here.

How much does it cost to participate?

That is completely up to you.  The proceeds from the event will go directly to Girls Are Powerful and all of the wonderful work that they do.  You can donate $5, $50, or $5 bazillion.  We do ask for a $5 Minimum.

I have a baby/toddler can i come?

Absolutely!  Babies in arms are more than welcome at the 4:00 Happy hour.  Toddlers and smaller siblings are more than welcome at both.  We will have a few toys available.  

Where is the event?

Blooma has very generously donated their St. Paul location for this event.  They are located at 493 Selby Ave.  You can learn more about Blooma and all of the wonderful things they do here.


I love this!  How can I spread the word?

Feel free to share the event info with everyone you know.  You can also follow us on facebook and instagram for upcoming details.  Or share your own Bold photo and tag #anastasiagalkaphotography #girlsarepowerful 

How else can I help?

We would love to use your connections to local businesses etc to offer some healthy and yummy snacks and beverages to our participants.  We would also like to have some fun prizes to those who attend.  You can contact me directly at stasiagalka@gmail.com 

We already have plans that day how can we participate?

SPREAD THE WORD!  You can also still make a donation directly to Girls Are Powerful here or make a donation to the event.  

I still have a question...Who can help me out?

Feel free to shoot me an email at stasiagalka@gmail.com or post to FB or Instagram and we can share the answer with everyone else.