A Picture A Week - Week 12

My little Parasites

I have been a bit behind on my A Picture A Week project.  We have been traveling to Virginia, had family visit, and then a quick weekend trip to Kansas.  I have snapped a few pics here and there, but haven't taken the time to organize them in any fashion.  Today I had the perfect motivation.

My son has been challenging me to no end.  He is either complaining, crying, or whining.  To make matters worse my daughter has been going through some sleep something and has been getting up multiple times a night.   This means I am tired.  Oh so tired and completely short on patience.  

In this moment I simply needed to find a little more love and compassion for my dear sweet boy.  There is nothing like looking through pictures to bring me back to all of the wonderful things about this kid.  Sometimes I wonder "Why exactly do we put ourselves through this?"  Then I look at images like these and I remember that this is why.  

These little people of mine challenge me to no end, wear me out, and sometimes make me want to run away from home.  I had a recent visit from my dear Aunt who called them parasites...YES!  (Not mine specifically of course... just little kids in general)  There are so many wonderful things about parenthood, but sometimes it is nice to call out the tough stuff.  

Fingers crossed for a good night of sleep.