A Picture A Week

Week 11

My baby is all of a sudden not such a baby anymore.  She is getting so big!  I want time to slow down a bit.  To savor all these baby smells and snuggles.  She recently sprouted a crop of curls.  It is these little details that I want to remember my sweet baby girl. 



Last week was my daughter's 1st birthday.  This marking of time seems a bit surreal.  It feels like I was just pregnant sitting in yoga waiting to meet our new person.  Now she is a year old.  She is silly, funny, determined, kind, and cuddly.  Two teeth are coming in, she is on the verge of walking on her own, and she has recently discovered her ability to climb.  It has been a wonderful year watching her grow and change.  I can't wait to see what the next year brings.