this & that

1.  I love the art of photography.  For me it is an attempt to capture and hold a brief moment in time.  I am constantly moved by photographs and how they can make you feel and remember.

2. I love to read.  You will find a coffee and chocolate stain in almost all of my books.

3. I love music.  In my next life I would love to come back as a broadway star.  

4. Children never fail to amaze me.  Their ability to connect, love, and live in the moment.

5.  I love to travel.  My favorite part is the accidental adventures.  

6.  My goal this year is to make friends with time. No more saying "We are out of time." or "If I had more time..."

7.  I am learning that life is so much more long term than I ever imagined.

8.  I am at home in nature.  Swimming in the lake.  Looking up at the sky.  A walk through the woods.

9.  One of my favorite places is visiting my sister near Lake Tahoe.

10.  Sometimes a moment is so perfect I purposefully don't take a picture.  I just soak it up.

my life




Adoption has played a very personal role in my family.  It will always hold a special place in my heart.  When a child joins your a family through adoption it has its' own set of challenges, joys, and sorrows.  A couple are: time and financial stretch.  Each month I donate a photo session to a family who is open to sharing a bit of their journey.  If you are a family that has been touched by adoption or have an adoptive family you would like to nominate please let me know.



"I am not lucky.  You know what I am? I am smart, I am talented, I take advantage of opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard.  Don't call me lucky.  Call me a badass."  

-Shonda Rhymes

I am constantly amazed and inspired by woman around me.  How they manage to integrate self, partnership, motherhood, careers, passion, and fun.  I selfishly like to interview and photograph these amazing people to learn more about their lives.  Without fail I am surprised every time by their fantastic imperfections.  In our online world sometimes we only get a flat image of the best of moments.  This project is my attempt to capture and share a glimpse into the lives of the beautiful, talented, and endlessly unique women in my community.  If you have someone wonderful in your life that you would like to share please let me know.